Saturday, March 17, 2007

Opportunities and Challenges in Mesh Networks Using Directional Anntenas

Opportunities and Challenges in Mesh Networks Using Directional Anntenas, Gupqing Li, Lily Yang, W. Steven Conner, Bahar Sadeghi, in Proc. of WiMesh 2005, Santa Clara, Sept. 2005.

This is an interesting survey. I am now debating whether or not I should attend/participate in conferences, since I attended this workshop. I even chaired a session. Yet, I have no recollection of this paper, despite the fact that it is actually a good and interesting survey of the use of directional antennas in mesh networks. [In my defense, I was tutorial chair of the conference associated with the workshop, IEEE SECON, and kinko's was supposed to have made the tutorial hand-out the Saturday before, which they failed to do. They said it would be ready at 6am on the Monday morning of the tutorials/WiMesh workshop, but it was not ready when I showed up: the binding machine had broken down. I had to pick up whatever they had printed out --which they wanted me to pay full price for it, despite it being useless!!!--, go down to Santa Clara to another kinko's where they did the binding just in time for the 9am tutorial start. At that point, I was rather frazzled. I hate kinko's].

It does a good job at presenting the most salient issues, providing the key reference, and giving accessible definitions and insights into the concepts. This is a good place to start if interested about directional antennas in mesh networks, a fact that I realize only after getting deep into the literature. My fault: with such a title, I should have put it on top of the pile.

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