Thursday, November 12, 2009

IEEE NOMS rebuttal redux

I wrote below about rebuttals, and how the reviews were obscure and vague that I was unable to tell whether the reviewers appreciated the paper or not. I assumed it meant it was in a weak reject-weak accept range.

For two of them, it was weak accept. But the third one gave us a puzzler: "Strong reject- I have strong arguments against acceptance." Then why doesn't you review say so? Why was I unsure earlier reading the review whether you liked the paper or not? I mean, "strong arguments"!

Turns out the paper got accepted anyway as a short paper, which is what it was (you can submit to NOMS as 4 pages or 8 pages, and we went for four), so I'm not particularly bitter. But I certainly hope that when I write a review recommending strong rejection, I make it clear enough why. It was very instructive to view the reviews without the grades, it's a good exercise when writing a review to check whether one can guess the rating from the text.

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