Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reliable Embeddings.Designing and Embedding Reliable Virtual Infrastructures

First time we put something on ArXiv:

Designing and Embedding Reliable Virtual Infrastructures, Wai-Leong Yeow, Cédric Westphal, Ulaş C. Kozat,, Submitted May 28th.

This is a technical report version of a paper that was accepted into the ACM SIGCOMM VISA workshop, which will take place in September 2010 in New Dehli, India. I am co-chair of the VISA workshop*, on the topic of Infrastructure Virtualization. This is a very exciting, very current area of research, so hopefully you can attend the workshop!

* I hasten to add that any paper that was co-authored by a VISA chair has been handled out-of-band by the other chairs.

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