Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Characterisation of the Performance of Cooperative Networks in Ricean Fading Channels

J. Adeane, M. R. D. Rodrigues and I. J. Wassell, Characterisation of the performance of cooperative networks in Ricean fading channels, Proceedings of the International Conference on Telecommunications, Cape Town, South Africa, May 2005.

Another paper on my list of cooperative network channels. This ones looks at the performance in Ricean fading channels, and consider a simple network topology with two cooperating nodes trying to send data to a single destination, ie. the source-relay-destination triad.

Benefits of cooperation depends on the channel quality between the source and destination and between the source and relay. The paper actually shows a spot in which there is a degradation of the performance created by the cooperation (ie. the information provided by the relay to the destination does not improve that provided by the source, but even interferes with it or contradicts it).

Paper is relatively simple and results are relatively straight-forward, but a good read nonetheless.

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